Edmond’s only feline exclusive practice

Feline Medicine and Surgery is a full service veterinary hospital dedicated exclusively to
the health and well-being of felines.

Our highly skilled veterinary team is experienced in a broad spectrum of services and
procedures.  We perform spays, neuters, declaws, abdominal surgeries, feeding tube
placements, dental surgeries and general health and wellness exams.

Providing our veterinary staff with the latest medical technology is the key to enabling rapid
and precise diagnoses.  Our in-house lab allows us to perform the following test with results
in minutes:

CBC (complete blood count)
Serum chemistry
Intestinal parasite screening
Ear and skin cytology
Blood-typing and Blood Type Cross-matching for transfusion medicine
Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficieny virus testing
Pancreatic assays
Blood pressure measurements